Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Blog #5

As it had become quite apparent in my previous entries, I had put a great deal if not all of my climbing attention toward training for the Gravity Brawl and the World Cup. The Gravity Brawl was the last weekend in May and the World Cup was the first weekend in June. Having two back to back competitions of such size was quite an undertaking.

I flew to Philadelphia the night before the competition and slept at my parents house before getting up the next morning and heading out to the event 2 hours north in Northern New Jersey. The Gravity Brawl has always been a fun competition for me as it is in my home state and it is great to come home and see old friends. During qualifiers I sent all five of the boulder problems and because of a few falls qualified for finals in second place.

The next evening was finals and the main event was on. I started out a little shaky with one fall on problem 1 before sending but went strong into number 2 and sent the line in a few tries. Problem 3 was easier than the previous ones and I came out with a quick flash of the problem. With a few minutes to rest I noticed on the scoreboard that I would need to get high point on problem 4 if I wanted to win the competition. I felt strong on my first go and fortunately reached a highpoint on the problem to enure me a first place finish at the event.

Having had just won the Gravity Brawl, I flew back to Colorado ready for the real main event, the Vail World Cup. I felt confident from my previous weekends performance and had a relaxing week before the event not training but just having an enjoyable time at the gym. My girlfriend, Alex, her mom, Gina, and myself drove up to Vail on Thursday afternoon after my summer school class to register for the competition.

The next morning I woke up and got ready to compete. I warmed up and went out to find myself with five boulder problems before me. I was the 9th competitor out so I was very early in the running order. I completed 4 of the 5 climbs in the preliminary round and bonused the one I did not top. I felt strong but soon became quite scared when many people began topping all five of the preliminary climbs. I fortunately made it to semifinals but knew I had my work cut out for me as I qualified in 16th place!

The next day I wen into the competition a lot more serious knowing I had to climb even better than I did the day before. I was one of the first out and was the first person to top all four of our semi final climbs. At the end of semi finals I was in first place and excited for the final round to proceed that evening.

I climbed well in finals but had a hard time with flashing the climbs and finished the competition in 4th place. Though I wish I had done better in the final round I am still very content with how I climbed and am now very excited for a summer of outdoor climbing! Just yesterday I went to Mt. Evans with Alex and had a great time despite the snow and rain. I managed the 3rd ascent of "Big Worm" at Area A and. This was definitely a good way to kick off the season!


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