The Zanskar Odyssey

posted by dpm on 09/13/2011


Last year, Jason Kehl, Abbey Smith, Pete Takeda, and Mick Folari set sail for the Himalayas to attempt something that had never been done before.  Just like a large-scale expedition into the high peaks in search of untouched summits, the crew and their sherpas packed up tons of gear, strapped it to pack animals, and headed into the mountains.  This expedition was entirely different though.  They were searching for boulders.

The Zanskar Odyssey follows the team on their quest for virgin boulders and first ascents.  What they found is nothing short of amazing.  An alpine boulder field stretched on as far as they could see.  With only 35 days of bouldering to be had they quickly began to pick off the classics one by one. 

The movie was entirely shot and produced by the team members.  Jason Kehl brings his characteristic Tim Burton-like qualities, motion graphics, and special effects to the editing while Abbey Smith displays her mastery of story-telling.  The quality is full HD, bringing the color and scale of the high Himalayas to life on your screen.  Overall, the film does an excellent job of capturing the aspects of adventure that rarely go into a bouldering trip.  Wild near-death bus rides, brutal hikes, decapitated chickens, split tips, big falls, and epic last minute sends can all be found in the Zanskar Odyssey. 

The Zanskar Odyssey is now available as a download or DVD (preorder) at          

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