World Cup Bouldering 2011: Sheffield Results

posted by dpm on 07/05/2011

Last weekend's World Cup bouldering event was held in Sheffield, UK.  First place honors went to Kilian Fischhuber for the men and Akiyo Noguchi for the women.  Kilian's win at the Sheffield event has put his point value margin so far ahead of the others that he has clinched the overall World Cup victory for 2011.  This is Kilian's fifth overall World Cup win since his first in 2005.  The women's event is much closer and will be decided at the final two events:  The World Championship in Arco, Italy (July 15-24) and the final event in Munich, Germany (August 19-20).


More photos and a good write-up at the Spotsetting blog.

Final Results for the Men:

1. Kilian Fischhuber AUT
2. Cédric Lachat SUI
3. Alexey Rubtsov  RUS
4. Daniel Woods  USA
5. Thomas Caleyron  FRA



Final Results for the Women:

1. Akiyo Noguchi  JPN
2. Melissa Le Neve  FRA
3. Alex Puccio  USA
4. Juliane Wurm  GER
5. Katharina Saurwein  AUT


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