Wide Boyz Tick Cobra Crack

posted by dpm on 09/22/2013


Nearly two years ago, Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall sent the Century Crack (5.14) in Utah's Canyonlands, an offwidth roof crack touted as the hardest in the world. It was a remarkable story, not just of the send which came relatively easy, but of the relentless training that two almost unknown climbers from the UK undertook before heading to the States to send all of America's hardest wide cracks.

Tom Randall on the Cobra Crack. Photo: Hot Aches Productions/Facebook

This year, they opted to get thin and seek out the proudest finger crack in the world, Squamish Canada's Cobra Crack (5.14). As they did before tackling Century Crack, they trained like mad before the trip utilizing the "Cracker Ladder" for route specific training. It was a hard fought battle, mostly due to the fickle weather, but both have sent the Cobra. Pete sent it a few days ago on the 18th and Tom sent it yesterday in a flapper-ripping, go-for-broke last ditch effort during a narrow weather window. The sends were well-documented in a cooperative effort between Hot Aches Productions, Alex Savage, and the RV Project and will be released in the cleverly titled "Wide Boyz II Slender Gentlemen."

The Wide Boyz have three well-written and entertaining blog posts about their bout with the Cobra which can be read here. 

Sonnie Trotter claimed the first ascent of the Cobra Crack in 2006, way back in the days before widescreen HD video. Click the image for video.