Weekend Warrior

posted by dpm on 02/10/2009

Adam Ondra is undoubtedly one of the best sport climbers on the planet.  With his insatiable enthusiasm and deeply intuitive climbing style, many climbers agree that as he creeps into adulthood he may pull away from his elite climbing peers by pushing the limits of possibility to even greater heights. 

 Adam doesn't just project and send hard routes.  He climbs hard all day long.  Recently he had a head turning day in Seynes France.  Adam onsighted not one, but three 8b's (5.13d).  Even after this extremely impressive and undoubtedly draining day he woke up the following morning and managed an 8b+ (5.14a) onsight and 2nd go'd an 8c+ (5.14c). Not a bad weekend. 

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video of Adam sending Action Directe'.