Video: Paul Robinson does Warpath (V14)

posted by dpm on 10/01/2013


Paul Robinson has claimed the 4th ascent of Warpath (V14) at Castle Rocks, Idaho. Along with approximately 250 other climbers, Paul has been there representing Asana, the title sponsor of the Idaho Mountain Festival which took place this past weekend. Climbers from around the country came out to enjoy the amazing granite of City of Rocks and the neighboring Castle Rocks. Of course, Paul was drawn to the areas hardest, and possibly best, boulder problem. Warpath was established by James Litz in 2007 and it took another four years to see its first repeat by Daniel Woods. Idaho local Matt Fultz claimed the 3rd ascent in 2012 and DPM got the full rundown which can be read here. Click the image below for video of Paul Robinson climbing Warpath

Click the image for video.