Two Videos of Kids Crushing Swiss Boulders

posted by dpm on 05/19/2014

The boulders of Switzerland got lit up this past season, most notably by Jimmy Webb who’s rampage overshadowed some young folks that swept through and cleaned house. This first video is a recap of German Alex Megos’ trip who expectedly sent numerous V13 and V14 problems. Joining him is New Zealand’s 19-year-old whiz kid (pardon the pun) Wiz Fineron who was able to climb his first V13’s on the trip: One Summer in Paradise and The Riverbed.

In this 2nd video, 15-year-old up-and-comer Baptiste Ometz rolls through some classic V13’s along with 16-year-old Giuliano Cameroni who made headlines earlier this year for sending the benchmark V15 The Story of Two Worlds