Two More 5.14c's for Ashima

posted by dpm on 10/05/2013

Ashima on 24-Karats (5.14c) at the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Photo: Kenji

In a repeat performance of her achievement last year, Ashima Shiraishi has once again climbed two 5.14c's in two days at the Red River Gorge. Yesterday, she claimed the first female ascent of 24-Karats at the Gold Coast and today she sent Fifty Words for Pump at the Bob Marley crag.

24-Karats was opened by Jonathan Siegrist in the fall of 2010 and has seen very few repeats. The line that is now 24-Karats was originally equipped as two separate, parallel projects ascending the gently overhanging wall right of God's Own Stone (5.14a). It begins on the right line with small holds and big moves before traversing into the sustained finish following the left line of bolts. 

Click the image to watch Siegrist on the first ascent of 24-Karats.

While 24-Karats is barely overhanging and extremely technical on small holds, Fifty Words for Pump is an ultra-steep endurance pumper. It's seen many repeats including a female ascent by Melissa LeNeve who was there to cheer on Ashima last year during her attempts on Southern Smoke. Originally given the 5.14c grade, Fifty has also been suggested as 5.14b and may settle in the 5.14b/c range.

This morning, Ashima beared down through the 84 degree temps to climb Fifty Words for Pump in the blazing sun. She wrote in an email, "I can't believe that I sent both of them! My hands are on fire. I might have two layers of skin left. Haha!"

Ashima on her ascent of Fifty Words for Pump (5.14c). Photo: Kenji

The addition of 24-Karats and Fifty Words for Pump to her 5.14c tally brings the total to four, all of which are at the Red River Gorge. Last year, Ashima climbed Southern Smoke and Lucifer back to back during the last two days of her one week trip. Click the image below to watch her remarkable sends from last year.

Ashima on Lucifer (5.14c). Click the image for video.