Two 5.14+ Onsights for Ondra

posted by dpm on 11/01/2012


Today, at the Red River Gorge's Chocolate Factory, Adam Ondra spent his onsight efforts on Pure Imagination (5.14d) and Golden Ticket (5.14d) and succeeded on both. According to sources nestled deep within the scene at the Red, Ondra "murdered" Pure Imagination but had to "actually try hard" on the Golden Ticket. As expected, Adam reportedly is suggesting low end 5.14c for Pure Imagination and high end 5.14c for the Golden Ticket which means that the world's first pure 5.14d onsight will just have to wait. Fortunately for us armchair enthusiasts, Ondra's onsight of the Ticket was caught on film, top down and the footage is reportedly "SO sick." We'll keep you posted on where to see that in the future. If Ondra's rampage and grade suggestions at the Red hints at anything, it's that his 5.15c in Norway is actually really, really, hard.