TV on the Radio

posted by dpm on 04/19/2011


In a world full of soundbox-recycling noise machines, the unprecedented soul captivators of the listness cosmos, TV On The Radio, can’t be mistaken for anything but themselves.  Their refreshing 4th album, Nine Types Of Light, released at the beginning of April 2011, is an exercise in disciplined restraint and whimsical chaos; as malleable as clay and as intractable as an iron vice grip.    



Full of fresh, obtainable grooves, and lean—though meaty—riffs, this is by far the premier effort from these Brooklyn-based rockers.  Nine Types is both a familiar holiday and an unconventional picnic in the park.   Though it initially appears a tad more shackled than some of the darker and more empirically stifling songs in their back catalogue of recordings, TV On The Radio have managed to still capture their trademark “weirdness” in this incredibly straightforward set of 13 crisp canticles.  At various points in the first 2 or,, ...20 listens, I found myself tuning into different layers, that evoked very distinct feelings, thus inducing several quasi-nostalgic experiences.  Highlights include the incurably impressive opening song, "Second Song”, the inebriating star-skipping, “You”, the bleak and surging "Will Do,” and the kill-or-be-killed battery of "Caffeinated Consciousness.”  Beyond these gems, several top-drawer songs, such as the unraveling “Killer Crane”, catapult this album to the very frontier of the eargasmic auralsphere.       

Here’s the deal:  This is yet another vibrant mind-tease from the pilgrims of oddities and offbeat funk.  Don’t simply take my word for it, wobblers.  Find out for yourself the level of rad-i-tude this album can offer.