Triple Crown Bouldering: Stone Fort 2011

posted by dpm on 10/11/2011

The second leg of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series went down this past weekend at Stone Fort, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The festivities kicked off Friday night at Urban Rocks climbing gym.  Urban Rocks was kind enough to offer a FREE event they dubbed Boulder Rave.  Event sponsors set up booths outside to showcase their products and shoe companies offered demos to anyone interested.  As darkness fell, the strobe and black lights flickered to life inside.  DJ Art Webb came in from Nashville to provide some funky beats while climbers bouldered and competed in head-to-head speed climbing races.  After the climbing, the keg was tapped and the party raged into the night. 

Speed climbing at Urban Rocks' Boulder Rave.  All photos: DPM

Wise competitors chose not to stay up drinking too late as the next day’s comp kicked off early.  The party moved to the 18th green of Montlake Golf Course, home of the incredible boulders of Stone Fort, and they were kind enough to completely close the course for the event.  This added a special dynamic to the day.  While most of the boulders are tucked away in the forest, there are a few located on the course that are usually closed to climbing.  For one day only, the golf course boulders were opened and climbers were able to climb the unique egg-shaped formations along the 18th green.  Jimmy Webb, who chose not to compete, was able to snag two first ascents; a direct finish to King Cobra which he called King Koopa (V10) and Palm Beach (V9).    

The 18th green, transformed for one day only.

Conditions for the event were a sharp contrast to last weekend’s freezing cold Hound Ears comp.  The skies were blue, temperatures were in the mid-70’s, and the humidity was low.  While being perfect conditions for hanging out in the woods all day, some climbers found it a little too warm for sticking the smooth slopers found on many of the boulders. 

Brion Voges on The Law (V11)

The day flew by in a flurry as I ran throughout the boulder field trying to capture as many problems on camera as I could.  The general feeling I got while running around all day was that everyone was having a great time.  I saw smiles all around the field and non-stop bouldering action.

Cloud Nine (V8) is only climbable one day a year!

At the end of the day it was Brad Weaver and Kasia Pietras that took first prize in the open category.  After the winners were announced everyone lounged around on the golf course enjoying some live music and waiting for darkness and the evening presentation.  Josh Fowler was there to introduce his (and Andrew Kornylak’s) new movie “A Fine Line.”  It felt particularly close to home to watch a great movie that included bouldering in the south and a few of the stars (Jimmy Webb, Brion Voges, Kasia Pietras) were there to watch as well. 

A big thanks to Chad Wykle and Jim Horton for organizing this amazing event.  

The final stop of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series will be at Horse Pens 40, Alabama on November 5th.  See you there!  Click on the image below for a lightning quick highlight reel from the Stone Fort bouldering comp.  Full results of the comp are listed below. 

Click the image for some virtual bouldering on these amazing blocks.  

Men’s Open:

  1. Brad Weaver
  2. Nate Draughn
  3. Andrew Palmer    

Women’s Open:

  1. Kasia Pietras
  2. Isabelle Faus
  3. Leanna Lockhart

Men’s Advanced:

  1. Doug Ianuardi
  2. Joshua Siegel
  3. Andrew Minnick

Women’s Advanced:

  1. Jill Sompel
  2. Ann Raber
  3. Emily McCleary

Men’s Intermediate:

  1. Toby Towne
  2. Kris Peters
  3. Patrick McClenahan

Women’s Intermediate:

  1. Sarah Rennick
  2. Kati Marek
  3. KP Peress

Beginner Men:

  1. Kanaan Crutchfield
  2. Adam Augenzucker
  3. Tom Smilack

Beginner Women:

  1. Lindsey Shall
  2. Sarene Cullen
  3. Emily Wetzel

Stone Master:

  1. Ron Nance
  2. Jonathan Blumberg
  3. Ike Eisenstadt


  1. Grant Speer
  2. Kai Lightner
  3. Zach Galla

Ancient Hardperson:

  1. Mike Bacon
  2. Brandt Sykes
  3. Sunny Yang

Star Chaser:

  1. Michael Steigner
  2. Brian Clevenger
  3. Peter Baertsch