Triple Crown Bouldering Competition- Horse Pens 2010

posted by dpm on 11/08/2010

Oct. 6th Horse Pens, Alabama: The second stop on the Triple Crown Bouldering Tour. I'm suppose to be psyched, but I’ve been shooting these events for too long, and frankly, I was tired of it. Violent shivering, the crisp autumn air practically shook my hangover away. I made a mental note to self: don’t play “last man standing” the night before an event.
Historically, the Triple Crown has always been a grassroots, “fun for all” kind of comp. Laughter and camaraderie are the main by-products of the event which is a stark contrast from your run of the mill indoor comps. This became the primary reason for my failure to complete my voyeuristic objective as a photo journalist. Here I am with an oversized digital camera, amidst one of the south’s most renowned boulder fields on a beautiful day, watching all these people have fun. Grrr.
Isn't this freakin' cute?
Two hours later, the camera was placed in a bag and the shoes went on. I failed as a journalist. Sorry everyone. Who won, you ask? I did, and so did everyone else that participated. The Triple Crown Bouldering comps are just that fun. Click HERE to see more photos and the results from this weekend’s event.