Toru Nakajima: The Big Island (V15)

posted by dpm on 02/26/2013


Japanese climber Toru Nakajima has been in Fontainebleau, France racking up an impressive tick list. Most notable is his ascent of The Big Island (V15) which is, oddly, the more difficult stand start to The Island (V14), which climbers start by crouching on a rock. He's also managed a V13 flash of The Traphouse Short before he sent the full Traphouse (V14). Other highlights include Gecko Assis (V14), Elephunk (V13), Satan I Helvete (V13), Sideways Daze (V13), Partage (V12) and Fata Morgana (V12).

Two months ago, Toru made headlines after his ascent of Dai Koyamada's Tokoyo (V15) in Japan. Check out video footage of him climbing Tokoyo by clicking the image below or watch a video of Toru crushing the Colorado high country here.

Toru on Tokoyo (V15). Click the image for video. Photo: Toru's Facebook