The Tin Shed is Now Open

posted by dpm on 01/20/2009

Patagonia has done it again.  The ultra successful southern California company recently launched a new online media application filled with cutting edge coverage of their "climbing ambassadors," pushing the limits the world over.  


They’ve named the project The Tin Shed, a nod to their roots in an actual tin shed in Ventura California where the company began.  From their site, “The Tin Shed… still stands – and stands for all we hold close and dear, though there are more of us: for great clothes and gear, guaranteed, and a love of wild places.  What once housed the heavy equipment now holds our stories.” 


The Tin Shed currently boasts over a dozen stories in video, audio and printed word.  If blow by blow footage of Sonnie Trotter sending Rhapsody (E11) doesn’t get you motivated, have a look at Brittany Grffith and Zoe Hart attempting a new route on the El Capitan scale desert big wall Jebel Misht.  There’s more than a handful of bone chilling alpinism as well.  The first ascent of K7 West along with the much coveted Torre Traverse are both fully documented in the shed. 


Most of us don’t enjoy an outdoor office or work for a company with the motto “let my people go surfing”, but all is not lost.  When the deskwork pushes one to the edge, a quick fix is only a few clicks away. 

Tour The Tin Shed HERE