Switzerland Bouldering Update

posted by dpm on 11/05/2010


With all the top climbers migrating to Switzerland there seems to be a new update every other day. Here are the most notable ascents that have crossed our radar. 
Paul Robinson and Carlo Traversi both made repeats of the The Dagger (V14). Paul struggled with the line over a period of 3 days before unlocking the moves on his way to the Innsbruck World Cup. Paul commented that the climb was his “anti-style”.
Paul on the Dagger (V14) photo: 27crags.com
Dai Koyamada returned to Switzerland and made a quick repeat of Confessions (V14). Dai managed to send the climb in one afternoon, felt that the climb was a bit soft for the grade, and suggested a slight downgrade. Both Dai and Paul have been working to unlock the moves of Dave Graham’s Big Paw (V15) with no luck so far. 
Carlo Traversi appears to be spending all his time trying to nab the 3rd ascent of The Story of Two Worlds (V15) while also cleaning and attempting new boulders. With his partner Jon Glassberg flying in you can expect some video of the ascents to turn up soon.  Click here for a short clip of Carlo working the line.
Carlo on the Dagger (V14) photo: carlotraversi.com
Stay tuned for more Swizzy action…