Stefano Ghisolfi: Italian Talent

posted by dpm on 02/16/2012


Over his Christmas break in early January, 18-year-old Italian boulderer Stefano Ghisolfi had an astounding trip to the boulders surrounding Torino, Italy. Stefano has done very little outdoor bouldering and spends most of his time training indoors for competitions. He’s done quite well in the competition circuit which you can read about on his website. Taking his strength outside seemed to translate well as he was able to send his first V14, Gandalf il Grigio in Varazze, Italy. Not to mention that he also sent his first V13…and V12.

Stefano Ghisolfi. Photo: Stefano's Blog

According to his 8a scorecard, up until this three week trip he had climbed just two V11’s. During this trip alone he ticked off six more V11’s, Raptor Stand (V12) second try, the second ascent of Gabri Moroni’s Schelletri nell’armadio (V12/13), three additional V13’s including the stand start to Varraze’s Gioia and, as mentioned, his first V14.

Torino based videographer Andrea Cossu brought this to our attention via email and offered up some nice footage of Stefano’s trip in two parts. Click the images for video.  

Part 1

Part 2