Smith Rock Quickdraw Thief Caught on Video

posted by dpm on 12/29/2010

-Jackie Hueftle
Just after Christmas Smith Rock hard man Ian Caldwell and some of his friends caught another “climber” stripping the draws off two side-by-side 14a’s at Smith. 


Video Screen Shot: Draw-stealing troll on the left

Ian filmed while they confronted the individual, who claimed he was from Colorado Springs where this kind of behavior is “normal.” As any Front Range climber will tell you, fixed draws on appropriate routes are fairly normal around here, but stealing them is certainly not. It’s clear that this guy has either been extremely misinformed by some wayward mentor or, more likely, he’s outright lying. You can see the exchange HERE
Obviously, opinions about whether or not fixed draws are ok to take will vary, but things like # of draws on the route, position and condition of the draws, difficulty of the route, and, perhaps most importantly, local ethic, should play strong roles in one’s decision. If the draws are stripped for a legitimate reason, it’s polite to at least attempt to return them to the original owner, with admonishment if appropriate for the situation. I think everyone can agree that this guy’s approach and excuses are not legitimate, polite, or appropriate, and do not in any way make him a welcome member of the climbing community.