Sloperfest 2013

posted by dpm on 03/01/2013



SloperFest 2013

presented by Horsepens 40 and First Avenue Rocks


Sat. March 2at 8:00am


Sun. March 3 at Sundown



A one of a kind event, SloperFest is a climbing, music, and camping festival, featuring live music, a special team comp (w/ FREE ENTRY), lots of swag, and lots of fun for all !!

First Avenue Rocks and the incomparablyinsane Adam Henry will be holding a team climbing competition during this event.


For more info about the competition, go to:

Horsepens 40 and Alabama Funk are hosting the music.

-Festival Expressions
-India Ramey
-Winston Ramble
-Dirty Mike & the Boys
-Thomas Speer

-First Ave Rocks
-Alabama Outdoors
-Voodoo Climbing
-Five Ten
-La Sportiva
-Black Diamond

-Friday night camping.......................$15.
-Saturday Day Pass..........................$15.
-Weekend Pass (Sat.-Sun. sundown) $25
(Competitors fee included in the Saturday day pass and the Weekend Pass)

NOTE: There will be no provision for credit or debit payments at the gate, so BRING CASH !!.

Bring correct change if possible to speed things up at the gate!!


It is a 10 mile round trip to the nearest ATM ! Bring cash or enjoy the ride !!

The Comp:

This year’s SLOPERFEST 2013 will use a new format tested at Triple Crown and given the clear by the handful of competitors psyched for something new. If you are looking to puff the chest up and run your 12 problem circuit this is not the competition for you.

2 person team. That’s right two people compete together. The individual format is out on this one. You must have a partner to compete.

Each team will complete as many problems as their skin and muscles will allow in a 5 hour time limit. Colored circuits will be marked for each category (tough, fluff, chuff) with points given for each completed problem. The winning team will either (a) finish entire circuit in least amount of time (b) if circuit is not completed winner determined by highest points (c) if tie then winner determined by time.

Credit for problems:

In order to receive credit for a problem only one member of the team has to complete it, BUT your partner must be spotting and present for the ascent. You are not allowed to split up and travel throughout the park completing problems individually. Competitors climbing without team member will be disqualified.

Determining categories:
Categories determined by the sum of you and your partners HP40 bouldering level. If you boulder V11 in the gym, and can barely muster the V3 squeeze at HP then the V3 level is what your ego must swallow for this event. Example--Let’s say you are a V9 crusher and your boyfriend sends V3. In this case your combined V-grade for this comp would be V12 putting your team in the Puff category. Team makeup will not be biased by age or gender. 11 year old girls are climbing the hardest routes in the country, and old men blow off pseudo-crushers everyday so there will be no excuses...

The problems:

Fluff (V0-V3) Chuff (V4-9) Puff (V10-V15) Tough (V16-V22)


-The Fluff circuit will consist of Horse Pens classics up to V2.

-The Chuff circuit will focus on the easier lines in the park topping out with nothing over V4.

-The Puff circuit will hit from easier to moderate with the limit being V7.

-The Tough will hit mainly moderates, but will have enough difficulty to fill the air in your chest topping out with V10.


The circuit:

Each circuit will be marked with colored tape. You will not have a map. Problems will be numbered from 1 (at the Ten Pins area in the front of the park) to 50 at the Lookout Point (in the back of the park) in a linear order.



Prizes will be given to top five in each category meaning 40 people will walk out with loot for nothing from HP40, First Avenue Rocks, Alabama Outdoors, Five Ten, Voodoo, La Sportiva, and Blue Water.



Food available from vendors and HP40 at going price. Beverages will be available for small donation to the purchase of Hospital Boulders.