posted by dpm on 12/11/2009

60 meters high, Faith Dickey onsights the 31 meter highline, The Wet Beaver, in the Fruit Bowl, Moab.


Almost one month ago, polish highliner, Jan 'Kudlaty' Galek and his Slackspirit Team - Damian 'Deamon' Czermak and Michal 'Korny' Korniewicz, travelled to the US with American Highliners, Faith Dickey and Jordan Tybon to meet with Brian Mosbaugh  and to complete some of the most classic highlines in the States. The group also hoped to beat the current world record of highline length. The group has now travelled to Yosemite, Moab, San Francisco and Indian Creek and completed 12 lines including, the 'Lost Arrow Spire' classic and long lines, 'The Wet Beaver' in Moab, Utah, 'Double Trouble Madness' also in Moab, 'The Great Bongzilla' in highlands bowl at Moab, and 'The Mount Tam' highline in San Francisco.  Faith Dickey has broken the female world record in length - twice, and now holds the record of 54 meters on 'The Great Bongzilla.'  The group will now continue travelling and highlining with the hopes of breaking the men's current world record of 67 meters.



Sunset send of the 33 meter, Mount Tam highline, in San Francisco by Damian Czermak.

Janek Galek sending the 54 meter long, 70 meter high, The Great Bongzilla in Highlands Bowl, Moab.


Pictured here is Faith Dickey, breaking the world record for the first time on the 45 meter 'Double  Trouble Madness.'

Brian Mosbough sending a 45 meter midline in the redwoods of Yosemite. All photos courtesy of Jordon Tybon

The group would like to thank Petzl, for helping out with gear deals,  Grolsch Beer for helping to start their trip, and Slackline Tools for providing a new leash design and the Slackline Brothers for helping them continue their trip.

Check out the SlackSpirit website to learn more about this amazing trip, and to see other fabulous photos from along the way.