Shoe Tax Might Hit Climbers Hard in 2013

posted by dpm on 12/01/2012

According to an article in the Denver Post, "Unless Congress overturns the Obama administration's decision to oppose outdoor industry duty suspension bills, prices on specialty footwear are set to increase as much as 38 percent Jan. 1, said Outdoor Industry Association President Frank Hugelmeyer."

This tax increase refers to products made overseas which includes La Sportiva, Scarpa, and many other brands of climbing shoe. A 38% increase in cost to the consumer is no small amount, especially for high end shoes that already retail for about 150 dollars.  American made products will not be affected by the tariff.

Read the full article here at the Denver Post for all the details.

Will this affect your shoe buying decisions in 2013? Are you willing to pay the extra cost for the shoes that you like best regardless of cost, or will you buy American made products for much less even if you prefer an overseas-made product? Should climbers stock up on shoes now in 2012 before the tariff goes into effect?  

"Ask not what your country can do for shoes -ask what shoes can do for your country."

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Update: According to a press release by the Outdoor Industry Association, the Obama administration has lifted opposition to tariff suspension bills.

From the press release:

"The Obama Administration, in response to a swift and vocal campaign by the outdoor industry, announced today that it has lifted its opposition to eight miscellaneous tariff bills (MTBs) that reduce import duties on certain specialty outdoor footwear products that have no viable manufacturing options in the United States."

So it looks like climbers are in the clear this time. Shoe prices will not be affected by the tax in 2013. Read the full press release for the details.