Shauna Coxsey: Broken Leg and a Broken Heart

posted by dpm on 07/27/2012


Keeping a sense of humor at the hospital in Switzerland. Photo: Shauna's blog

Bummer! In a regular-old controlled fall onto the crash pad, Shauna Coxsey broke her leg and is likely out for the remainder of the World Cup season. It was Shauna's first trip to Magic Wood, Switzerland and she was psyched.

On her blog she wrote: "Magic Wood is a beautiful place and I don’t think I have ever been so psyched to try so many problems in one place. After a few days of exploration, excitement and trying hard in the heat, I had gathered a number of projects, fallen in love with the woods and I was very ready to try hard and get up some boulders. I had heard so much about Magic Wood, everyone I knew seemed to have been and I couldn’t wait to see it for myself. Totally safe to say it did not disappoint."

Shauna has been on a tear recently amassing an amazing ticklist of hard boulders and respectable wins at World Cup bouldering events. After second place wins in Vail, Slovenia, and Innsbruck, she is currently at 2nd in the World Cup ranking. On a recent trip to Colorado she came away with some hard outdoor sends as well like: Riddles in the Park and Mind Matters both (V12), as well as three other V11's and six V10's including a flash of Dark Horse (V10).

On her trip to Magic Wood, she'd already started to tick off some hard problems like Jack's Broken Heart (V12), Foxy Lady (V11), Rythmo (V10) and more. Shauna went on to try Piranja (V10) and wrote on her blog:

"I was really excited about trying this, a friend had got it a few days before and I really like the sound of it… good holds, big moves. On my flash attempt I came up just short on the huge move to the smallest hold. I had felt the edge of the hold and was quite annoyed that I didn’t go far enough. I got straight back on to that move and did it no problem. This is when I jumped off, I didn’t fall I turned around and jumped off onto the mats I had placed myself. I have taken so many awkward falls and landed on some sketchy mats. This time the mats were fine, my landing didn’t seem to funny, my ankle didn’t twist but I heard a little snapping sound and my leg was really painful…"

The doctor has informed her that it's a simple break and not too much to worry about but Shauna definitely won't be climbing for a while. Instead she'll be hanging up the Beastmaker fingerboard and training like mad. Best of luck to Shauna in a speedy recovery. 

Click the image for video of Shauna on Jack's Broken Heart (V12).