Sebastien Bouin: 5.14d/15a FA in Verdon Gorge

posted by dpm on 09/01/2011


Eighteen-year-old Sebastien Bouin has completed the first ascent of his unnamed project in the Ramirole Cave of France’s Verdon Gorge.  The nearly 50 meter line climbs directly out the center of the cave.  A 5.14a/b section leads to a low percentage crux followed by a rest, then a relatively relaxing 5.13d finish.  A loose translation of Sebastien’s comment to French site reveals, "Just to get links on the easier sections took 10 sessions.  More than 20 others to get to the cross, and the crux is so random that I had only managed to do it twice before the full link. For me it is much harder than PPP."


Sebastien Bouin climbing in the Verdon Gorge.  Photo:


PPP (5.14d) is another route in the Ramirole cave that Sebastien claimed the second ascent of following Adam Ondra.  It recently saw a remarkable third ascent by Charlotte Durif who became the second women to ever climb 5.14d.

Read an interview with Sebastien regarding his ascent at