SCS Nationals: Results

posted by dpm on 04/08/2012


The 2012 SCS Nationals wrapped up yesterday at Movement Climbing Gym in Boulder, Colorado. First place for the men went to Vasya Vorotnikov while Sasha Digiulian expectedly won for the ladies. While not exactly an outrageous upset, Vasya’s win comes as a bit of a surprise. He’s been slowly recovering from a shoulder injury for over a year. Yesterday’s victory over a strong field, including third place winner Daniel Woods, hopefully marks his return to full health. A second place win for 17-year-old Michigan climber Dylan Barks also raised a few brows. Over the past year, Dylan has been methodically ticking away some of the Red River Gorge’s hardest routes including Southern Smoke (5.14c), Omaha Beach (5.14a) and, just a few days prior to the comp, Transworld Depravity (5.14a).

Sasha Digiulian’s win was no surprise as this was her third consecutive win at SCS Nationals. Second place went to Delaney Miller and third went to Michaela Kiersch. Delaney (turned 17 the day of the comp) and Michaela (age 15) beat out some seasoned comp pros like Angie Payne, Chelsea Rude, and Tiffany Hensley.

In the speed category, Alex David Johnson won for the men while Danielle Rogan won for the women. Keep your eyes peeled for the LT11 highlight reels that will be up in a few days.

 Full results for all categories can be found at the SCS Nationals web page.