Sasha Digiulian: Mind Control (5.14c)

posted by dpm on 03/12/2012


Sasha Digiulian reports on her blog that she has completed the fourth female ascent of Mind Control (5.14c) in Oliana, Spain. A lady climbing Mind Control can hardly be considered headline news these days which is a bit staggering to think about. She also onsighted Marroncita (5.13d) and a few other 5.13's.

Sasha on La Rambla (5.15a). Photo: Sasha's Blog

As interesting as her sends are, I found it more interesting to read that she was trying La Rambla (5.15a) in Siurana. Sasha wrote about La Rambla, "This was the first 9a+ (5.15a) that I’ve ever tried and it is definitely a new level. I have never projected something before… I am not sure if I’ve ever given any climb more than 8 tries before sending it… and I was enticed to begin this project-process." Sasha invested three days into the climb before moving on to Oliana due to the time constraints of her trip. I for one would love to see what Sasha is capable of if she actually "projected" something. I'm only half joking when pointing out that she's surely the first female to climb 5.14d without projecting it! Her seven-try ascents of Pure Imagination (5.14d), Southern Smoke (5.14c), and Lucifer (5.14c) at the Red River Gorge and her four-try ascent of Mind Control surely indicate that she's capable of much more.

Ben Spannuth is also along on the trip and onsighted El Gran Blau (5.14a) in Oliana. A glance at reveals that the grade of El Gran Blau is solid with some registering it as 5.14b. This was Spannuth's first 5.14 onsight.