Sasha Digiulian: 5.14a at Maple Canyon

posted by dpm on 08/07/2011

Sasha Digiulian is certainly showing she has what it takes to be a professional athlete.  Last Wednesday she was in Europe where she's been traveling at a whirlwind pace to keep up with the World Cup competition circuit.  As we've seen, her results have been quite impressive including a first place win in the combined category at the world championships in Arco.  But sponsor obligations called in the US, so she boarded a plane and flew back to the US to represent her sponsors at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah.  During the show, Sasha could be found smiling brightly and greeting people at her sponsor booths: Adidas, Mad Rock, Native, and Petzl.  


Weighed down with awards at the world championships.  Photo: Sasha's blog


At some point, she slipped out for a day of climbing at the nearby Maple Canyon where she was able to send Millennium (5.14a).  Sasha had tried the route briefly two years ago but sent on her first try this time.  A classic example of the 'Altzheimer's onsight'!  She also redpointed Wyoming Sheep Shagger (5.13d) on her second try and onsighted Toxic Turkey (5.13c).  On a personal note, I've found that the exhaustion that follows the OR show has left me in a near crippled state, possibly unable to climb 5.7, and I don't even have jet lag!  Sasha's energy and ability continues to impress me and we at DPM wish her the best of luck in her next competition, which she is flying towards as I write this.  Her next stop?  Back to Austria for the European Youth Cup in Imst on August 12th-14th.  Stay tuned for results and good luck Sasha!


Update:  With this most recent ascent registered on her scorecard, Sasha has moved into the number one ranked spot for Americans. This is not a female ranking!  She has bested the 8a boys as well.  Unbelievable!  Way to go Sasha.