Sachi Amma Ticks Biographie (5.15a) and Hugo Meignan Sends Staphylocoque (5.15a)

posted by dpm on 08/08/2014

World Cup champ Sachi Amma has ticked the classic Biographie (5.15a) at Ceuse, France. This was the tenth ascent of the famous Chris Sharma route and the fourth this season which is interesting as the route went nearly four years without a repeat after Enzo Oddo’s 2010 ascent. This year, the route’s seen some heavy traffic with ascents by Jonathan Siegrist, Alex Megos (in a day), Adam Ondra, and now Sachi.

Sachi Amma on Biographie. Photo: Eddie Gianelloni/Sachi's Facebook

Sachi has been a top competitor on the World Cup climbing circuit with overall wins in the lead competition in 2012 and 2013. He currently sits at 2nd place in the IFSC ranking for this year after a first place win in Briancon, France in late July. Between competitions, Amma has ticked a few 5.15a routes including Papichulo (2010), Pachamama (2011), and La Rambla (2012). This past spring he sent two V15’s in a single day at Shiobara, Japan with Hydrangea and Babel.

Another impressive ascent comes from 19-year-old Hugo Meignan from Chambery, France. Hugo recently sent his first 5.14d with Moksha at Pic St. Loup, France. Just one week later, he was claiming his first 5.15a with the 3rd ascent of Cedric Lachat’s Pic St. Loup link-up, Staphylocoque. This route starts on Moksha then branches left to finish on the latter portion of the currently unsent Kmira project. 

Click the image for footage of Cedric Lachat on the first ascent of Staphylocoque and Nina Caprez climbing Helix (5.14c). 

Note: a previous version of this article stated that Hugo's ascent of Staphylocoque was the 2nd. It is the third after Cedric Lachat and Seb Bouin.