Rocktoberfest 2011

posted by dpm on 10/13/2011


Rocktoberfest at the Red River Gorge showcases one of the best climbing destinations in the USA in its peak season.  With a long history of access issues and closures, the Red River Gorge is lucky to have strong support from both the industry and climbers. 

All photos by Dan Brayack

Organized and run by the Red River Gorge Climber’s Coalition (RRGCC) , the primary goal of Rocktoberfest is to raise money to pay the yearly $32,000 mortgage for the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve (PMRP.)  This is the second to last year for this payment.  After next year, the PMRP will be owned by climbers!

Everyone is a friend at Rocktoberfest.

Rocktoberfest always strives to provide something fun for everyone, and this year was no exception.  Whether it was the thrill of competing or watching others throw down at the dyno comp, the fun of hanging out with friends, the good food, or the gear giveaways, the participants were sure to leave with good memories at the end.

The climbing competition this year was unique.  Instead of focusing on who sent the most 5.13c's, the comp focused on “endurance” as is the overall theme of climbing at the Red.  Points were given for each bolt clipped (and a multiplier was added for harder routes.)

Returning this year was the ever-popular party trick “Crate Stacking” competition, running for two nights in a row, both Friday and Saturday.  Bram Bell had once again confirmed his champion status by stacking a whopping 22 crates! (try it next year, it is not as easy as you may think!) The dyno comp drew large crowds, as usual. 

On Sunday the attendants could choose from a variety of clinics, including: “Burl Like a Girl,” “Elite Climbing,” “Multi-Pitch Efficiency” and others.  Of particular note, Malcolm Daly gave a heart-warming and motivational slide-show about how “Paradox Sports” is providing support and adaptive equipment to disabled persons to empower their pursuit of life and excellence through outdoor sports.

While we as climbers are lucky to have purchased such a beautiful parcel of land in order to ensure access for the future, remember that Red River Gorge is more than just PMRP, and it needs your continuous support.  Please, donate to Friends of Muir Valley and RRGCC, volunteer for trail days whenever you can, and be a good steward.

-Dan Brayack

Click the image for the video report from Rocktoberfest 2011.

Comp Results are as follows:  

Team Division:


First Place : Naughty and Nice

Second Place : The Shamblers



No Nonsense Cage Match 552 points


Women Jalapeno

1st :  Melanie Locke

2nd : Elaine Chang


Women Habanero

1st : Karrisa Dunbar – 17 routes – 187 points

2nd : Sarah Bengosz

3rd : Hayley Watts


Men Jalapeno

1st : Jesse Sterr

2nd : Justin Smith

3rd : Dan Foster


Men Habanero

1st : Adam Taylor – 40 routes 774 points

2nd : Blake Bowling

3rd : Tim Deroehn