RIP Tito

posted by dpm on 07/05/2013


12-year-old Tito Traversa passed away today after a 3-day fight to stay alive at the hospital in Grenoble, France. He had sustained massive injuries after falling approximately 20-meters in Orpierre, France. Today his parents write,  "Our little big Tito is now an Angel and he gave his organs to let other kids live. Forever in his mum's and dad's heart."

After Tito's fall and injury, we did our best to stay updated on his condition in this article. Details about how this accident happened are murky but point to an improper method of slinging carabiners. I posted some personal speculation with visuals in this other article and as more details and specifics emerge I'll continue to update that article, leaving this one only for condolences.

As climbers, we sometimes have to deal with the deaths of our heroes but never before one so young. Tito held great promise and inspired even those that never knew him. He is gone from the world far too soon. Rest in peace little dude. 

RIP Tito. Photo T&G photo/Tito's blog