Ramon Julian: Catxasa (5.15a)

posted by dpm on 06/26/2012


Spanish climber Ramon Julian pushed through 100+ degree temperatures to send Catxasa (5.15a) in the Santa Linya Cave. Ramon headed up to the cave in the afternoon for a training day and went "a muerte" on his first burn to remember the moves. He failed in the hot temps and took a long rest before trying again. On his next burn he surprisingly made it to the halfway point rest, milked it, and carefully crawled the remainder of the way to the anchors. Overall, Catxasa took Ramon 10 tries over four days. Earlier this month, Ramon ticked off the 5.14c Gypsy Blood, also in the Santa Linya Cave.

Ramon Julian on Catxasa (5.15a). Photo: Ramon's Blog

Source: Ramon's blog, 8a.nu