Planet Granite Grants It!

posted by dpm on 06/14/2011



Generally you want to beware of any advertising that plays off the pun of its own name and uses alliteration.  These two ploys were big in the 80’s especially during late night infomercials.  However, Planet Granite’s Grants It program is not a simple ploy; it is steeped in a genuine want by the Bay Area chain to give back to the climbing community.  Planet Granite started out as a small climbing gym in Belmont, Ca, but has since grown and incorporated state of the art locations across the bay.  They have expanded their services both in Sunnyvale and San Francisco.  Their latest creation has a striking view of the Golden Gate Bridge, so one might say they have “come up.” 


Planet Granite San Francisco.  Photo: Planet Granite


With this growth has been a consistent want and need to give back to their community.  Their latest philanthropic efforts come in the form of a new grant system.  Inspired by the film “180 degrees South,” a conservation based film that followed several travelers on an epic journey to discover and enlighten those they met, these grants were afforded to assist those with grand dreams but meager funding.


Photo:  Planet Granite


This program is open to all applicants who are inspired and want to explore a personal journey or for those who are wishing to aid in a larger group effort.  During these economic times it is refreshing to find a gym and a company that has grown as large as Planet Granite and who is willing to step outside of the box for their industry and offer something substantial to the community.  These grants are no drop in the bucket either.  Planet Granite is offering funding up to $15,000 so if you are interested, and have a project on your mind that you wish to pursue, follow the information below.

For more details on the requirement for entry, visit Planet Granite’s site.

This is a great opportunity presented by a gym that continues to impress the community with their charitable work that included raising over $20,000 for the access fund to help Unlock Jailhouse. 

Visit Planet Granite at

-Anthony Lapomardo