Pirmin Bertle: Two 5.14d FA's in a Day!

posted by dpm on 05/14/2012


In a remarkable climbing day, German Pirmin Bertle claimed the first ascent of Chromosome X and Chromosome Y (both 5.14d) in a little over one hour. The climbs are located side by side at the crag Charmey in Switzerland. Pirmin had given both routes about forty tries each  but his efforts slowed due to the birth of his son just two weeks ago. Apparently the rest did him some good and he was able to return after a "voluminous lunch and a few glasses of wine" to send both his projects just 75 minutes apart. He notes that it was the "craziest climbing day of my life."

The video he put together tells the whole story and gives details on the routes. It's quite entertaining and has a uniquely endearing European feel to it. I especially liked the soundtrack that is reminiscent of old Atari games. Click the image to check it out.

Pirmin Bertle on one of his two 5.14d first ascents.

Lizard Climbing did an interview in German with Permin. The google translation is a little rough. Read it here.