Paul Robinson: V14 FA in Cape Town

posted by dpm on 07/30/2011


With only two days left in his trip to South Africa, Paul was able to send another of his hard projects.  Paranormal Activity (V14) is Paul's eighth first ascent, V12 or harder, accomplished during his one month long trip to South Africa.  Paul has focused his entire trip on developing the boulders above Cape Town, specifically at an area known as Topside.  On his blog, Robinson expresses his interest in developing hard problems in southern Africa, outside of the popular Rocklands, and plans to return.


"This trip has been a huge eye opener for me. Southern Africa really is the next great frontier for bouldering. I already have some far off ideas for next year that include climbing in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, and more South Africa! I have caught the exploration bug and I am so excited to see where it is going to take me next! We all have to find our niche in climbing and I feel right at home in nature exploring and climbing on amazing boulders!"    


Paul Robinson on another Cape Town first ascent: Steady Plums (V13).  Photo: Paul's blog