Paul Robinson Sends Rastaman Vibration Sit

posted by dpm on 03/30/2010

Paul Robinson Climbs Rasta Man Sit
by Anthony Lapomardo

Paul Robinson puts to bed his hardest boulder problem yet…Could this be the hardest boulder problem in the United States? 
All photos courtesy of Wills Young and Paul Robinson at and

Paul Robinson has climbed the Buttermilks long-standing project the Rastaman Vibration Sit Start on the morning of March 30th putting to bed one of his long term projects. The problem lies just to the left of Evilution, on the backside of the Grandpa Peabody Boulder. As with many new hard problems Paul described his latest piece as, “much harder than anything I have done before.” The crux of the problem includes a dyno from a small left-hand pinch to a small crimp. The move has been tried by many strong climbers and was considered nearly-impossible. After the crux which includes several ridiculously hard moves Robinson had to face it a heady slab that runs above Evolution. Paul has been working the project on and off for over 2 seasons and felt that this would be the time the problem would go down, and during his spring break he made it happen. Congrats Paul.
All photos courtesy of Wills Young and Paul Robinson at and