Paige Claassen: 5.14 First Ascent in Africa

posted by dpm on 07/07/2013


A few weeks ago, Paige Claassen and Jon Glassberg left for a year-long, round-the-world trip with the goal of climbing in some amazing places while raising money for charity. The first stop on their "Lead Now Tour" was South Africa where they are working with the non-profit charity Room to Read, a group focused on increasing children's access to reading materials in their native language.

An amazing feature. The Wow Prow and Paige's new route Digital Warfare (5.14a). Photo: Paige's blog

Today, Paige reports on the first big send of her trip, the first ascent of Digital Warfare (5.14a) at the Wow Prow, a recently developed and incredible-looking chunk of streaked orange stone. The project was gifted to her by local developer Andrew Pedley who described the route to Paige in an email as “the most brilliant rock (he'd) ever seen.” Named for the strain the route puts on one's 'digits,' Paige describes it as "15 degrees overhung, smooth, orange and grey streaked sandstone with just enough shallow pockets and thin edges to go." After a few days of effort, she clipped the chains on her first first ascent. She calls Digital Warfare "the world's coolest route" and  says, "get to the Wow Prow! It's better than Rocklands."

In addition to Digital Warfare, the rest of the crew was busy putting up some other classic lines like Pedley's Born Free (5.12d), and Glassberg's Spirit Bird (5.13d) and Future Life (5.13c). The Wow Prow looks like some of the world's best stone. Check out some more pics at Paige's blog

Paige Claassen on Digital Warfare. Photo: Paige's blog