Old School: DPM Celebrates Five Years Online!

posted by dpm on 12/12/2013

We just realized that DPM has been online for over five years! It's been a long time since that first handful of exclusive videos were uploaded to our video page, and since then we’ve amassed an enormous collection of web content. Along with hundreds of articles and stories, we now have more than 3500 climbing videos uploaded to the site. Some are exclusive DPM vids, but most were uploaded by our dedicated followers. It’s been a great time following along on your adventures and we look forward to many more years. Thanks to everyone that’s supported us along the way!

It hasn’t really been that long but we’re already feeling a little old school despite our “young and unruly” tag line. To celebrate, we’re going to start uploading some classic old videos. The truth is, climbers haven’t gotten that much ‘radder’ since those early days of climbing flicks and none of us would be where we are today without the shoulders of our heroes to stand on. We’ll be poring through the dark underbelly of the web to find those lost classics of Dan Osman, Patrick Edlinger, Lynn Hill and countless others that shaped the sport as we see it today. All these videos will be prefixed with “Old School” so if you really enjoy watching them, you’ll be able to search for “Old School” in the search box and bring up the entire list. For our first installment, here’s a classic clip of Lynn Hill on the Dave Letterman show from way back in 1989, long before most of the kids that have climbed God’s Own Stone (5.14a) were even born. Enjoy!

Click the image for video of Lynn Hill on the Dave Letterman show -1989.

A quick reminder for those that haven’t been with us since the beginning…DPM is the #1 place on the web to search for, and watch, climbing videos but it’s also a place for you to share your own climbing videos. Anyone can put their video on the site by first uploading it to your personal Vimeo or Youtube page. Then visit our “videos” page by clicking on “videos” in the top bar of our homepage. Once on the “videos” page, click “upload a video” in the right side bar and follow the simple directions. Thanks again for all the support throughout the years!