NRG Sock Monkeys take the Gorge Cup

posted by dpm on 08/28/2011


It’s official, the New River Gorge is America’s best crag; at least for the next year.  In what many will remember as the most exciting sporting event of all time the New River Gorge Sock Monkeys narrowly defeated the Red River Gorge Red Rockets to claim the Gorge Cup and the title of ‘Best Crag in America.’


The game was played with somewhat standard half-court rules.  It was three on three with baskets counting for one point and the winner being the first to 15.  On Friday, the teams played two exhibition games.  Each team won one game and they both knew the final showdown would come down to the wire. 


‘The Big Game’ was actually three games played on Saturday.  The first game was narrowly won by the Rockets with a final score of 15-13.  The second game went to the Sock Monkeys and tension was high going into the final game for the Gorge Cup.  The crowd was going wild heading into the final showdown. 


Event DJ Kurt Smith and NRG kingpin Gene Kistler proudly display the Gorge Cup.

All photos courtesy of Kurt Smith/Facebook


NRG local Kurt Smith was the DJ and kept it real, blaring 1980’s metal reminiscent of a generic sports movie soundtrack.  The Sock Monkey cheerleaders stepped up and brought out their best booty drops and step routines. Sock Monkey coach Kenny Parker’s face fumed red above the white sport coat of his Miami Vice inspired coach jacket.  Red Rocket coach Peter ‘Stingray’ Mcdermott played it cool behind his dark aviator sunglasses in an effort to intimidate the opposing team.  In a final statement of intimidation, one Red Rocket player donned a Red Rocket-shaped costume head and ran naked around the court with only a beer cup covering his junk. 


Fueled by pizza donated by Pies and Pints and keg beer supplied by Waterstone Outdoors, the crowd worked into frenzy as the sun dipped below the tree line and darkness fell on the court in the final moments of the final game.  The stadium lights kicked on and shone down on a score that was tied at 13 to 13.  All the players knew that they were facing the decisive moment of their athletic careers.    


The Sock Monkeys!


In the end it was Sock Monkey Adam Ostrander who sunk two layups to win it for the NRG Sock Monkeys.  It couldn’t have been a more fairy tale ending to the friendly rivalry.  After the game both teams drank and partied together and who won was quickly forgotten.  Such a perfectly even match up could not have better represented the equality of both the New and the Red as the two best crags in America!!  The next day the Red Rockets and the Sock Monkeys headed out for a day of climbing on the perfect stone of the NRG and everyone had a blast.


For now, the Gorge Cup will reside at the New River Gorge’s Waterstone Outdoors but the Red Rockets have vowed to practice hard in an effort to gain the title next year.  It has been decided that next year’s game will be bigger and better and the Red Rockets will likely have the home court advantage.  Stay tuned for videos and more pictures of the event.      



All smiles.  The Red Rockets and the Sock Monkeys, friends forever.