NRG and RRG Battle for the Title of ‘Best Crag’

posted by dpm on 08/23/2011


There has always been a friendly rivalry between the diehard climbers of the Red River Gorge and the hardcore New River crew.  The RRG climbers firmly believe their crag is the best in the country and the NRG climbers believe the same about their home turf.  Neither will budge in their beliefs and this is nothing new.  It’s a common theme can be traced back throughout history. 


New River Gorge bridge.


In 1868, warring Shoshone and Crow, Native American tribes decide that they would settle their dispute by letting their tribal chiefs fight to the death atop a butte.  Chief Washakie of the Shoshone tribe won the battle but was so impressed by the Crow chief’s courage that he decided not to scalp him.  He just tore his heart out and displayed it at the tip of his lance. 


Red River Gorge bridge.  Who's is better?


Hmm….certainly there is a better way to settle this debate.  How about getting NRG campground host Roger Fox to arm-wrestle RRG campground host Miguel Ventura?  No…too simple.  What about a pizza cook-off between the RRG’s Miguel’s and NRG’s Pies and Pints?  Well… too subjective.  They are both delicious.  Hey, we’re American’s right?  Basketball should do the trick. 


That’s right folks; the great debate will be answered this weekend, August 26th through the 28th.  The New River Gorge Sock Monkeys will take on the Red River Gorge Red Rockets in a final battle for the title of ‘America’s Best Crag.’  There’s a lot to lose and a lot to be gained for both teams so the competition should be fierce.


It’s rumored that the Red Rockets are bringing in star player Dario Ventura who’s been shooting hoops in the gravel lot behind Miguel’s since he was old enough to walk.  But the Sock Monkey’s may have a few tricks up their sleeve.  Coach Kenny Parker has been seen courtside wearing a white blazer, spitting mad and red-faced as his team prepares for the showdown.   One thing is certain, the action will be nonstop in this all out, three-day, half-court showdown! 



Point guard Dario Ventura of the Red Rockets and star Sock Monkey Hans Kalkofen.  These guys mean business.


The event is sponsored by WaterStone Outdoors, Pies and Pints Pizzeria, Miguels Pizza, Black Diamond, Petzl, Dead Point Magazine, and Five Ten.  The New River climbers have the home court advantage as the game will take place at Gene Kistler’s house in Fayetteville, WV.  Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Contact Waterstone Outdoors for directions.  Don’t miss this event! 


It’s all in good fun and remember…the losing team (probably the Red Rockets) still retains the title of America’s ‘second best crag.’  Is that biased?  What can I say?  New River Gorge rules!  Bring it Red Rockets!!!


More information can be found at the Waterstone Outdoors site here or the Facebook page ‘The Big Game’ here.  Click the image for footage of the NRG Sock Monkeys practicing for the game.  More Sock Monkey videos can be found at