Nothing But Sunshine: Andre Di Felice

posted by dpm on 11/19/2009

Nothing But Sunshine: Andre Di Felice

He can lock down dime sized crimps to his waist, squeeze juice from bald slopers, and dispense V13 within the hour. Andre Di Felice is seein' Nothing But Sunshine.

Dealin' out V13's under an hour and filled with an uncontrollable psyche, Andre Di Felice continues his tear through Colorado.  Recently off the send of Authentic Battle Damage, Andre took a few minutes out of his training regimen to fill DPM in.

DPM:  You have been cranking hard lately! Nothing But Sunshine and now Authentic Battle Damage?  Were these 13's your style or have you really jumped in your strength?

Andre: Thank you! Even though these problems are very different in style, they both seemed to fit me pretty well. Nothing But Sunshine is a very nice power bloc put by none other than Dave Graham. This was one of the first climbs shown to me in RMNP when I was 12 years old. Ever since that day, I have wanted this climb. It was very satisfying to say the least. I don't feel like I've made a jump in my climbing at all. Nothing But Sunshine was my thirteenth V13 and Authentic Battle Damage is probably more in the V12 range. I took some time off from climbing in March, but now I'm back and I have never been so psyched on climbing!

DPM: Give us the spray-down on Authentic Battle Damage.

Andre: Authentic Battle Damage is a nice, short, powerful roof climb put up by Christopher Schulte. It starts on a right hand sloper and a left hand crimp. The business starts as soon as you pull off the ground. Tension and squeeze power is what it's all about.

DPM: Do you train inside or is your style simply when you feel like climbing?

Andre: Right now, I train 6 days a week at CATS, The Spot and any of the crags near Boulder.

DPM: What is the one thing (minus weather) that could kill your buzz for climbing at the crag?

Andre: Nothing can kill my buzz for climbing right now!

DPM: What is your style?  Do you look for crimpy core tension problems or is anything fair game?

Andre: I try not to label my climbing with a style. If you start to think you are good at one style and worse at the others, then that's just what will happen. The way a climb looks or the area it's in doesn't do anything for my motivation to climb. All I care about is difficulty. I want to push myself as hard as I can. It could be chipped, glued, dugout or climbing out of a hole on sharp holds. I only climb for the challenging aspects it has to offer.
DPM: You can crimp (obviously) like crazy, do you have a weakness?

Andre: Definitely the drop-knee.

DPM: Name some problems on your tick list this winter and help us give a shout out to your sponsors?

Andre: Free Range V13, Midnight Express V14, Echale V14, Boulder Canyon Project V??
I can't thank my sponsors enough, they make it all happen. Thank you Five Ten Footwear and Organic Climbing.