Niccolò Ceria Off to a Good Start in Red Rock, Nevada

posted by dpm on 01/20/2014

Italian Niky Ceria is visiting the States and off to a good start after his first week bouldering in Red Rock, Nevada. He headed straight for the classics and has already ticked off a heavy handful including: Atlas Shrugged (V12), Meadowlark Lemon Stand (V12), Redirection (V11/12), Book of Nightmares (V11), American Exotica (V10), Fear of a Black Hat (V10), The Fountainhead (V9), and others. With a week left in the trip, Niky hopes to check out more difficult lines like the sit start to Meadowlark Lemon (V14), and Trieste, Paul Robinson’s new V14 in Oak Creek Canyon. After that it’s on to Bishop.

You can read more, see more pictures, and follow along on Niky’s first bouldering trip to the US at nikyceria.blogspot.com.

Niky on Atlas Shrugged (V12). Photo: Giulia Paoletti/Niky's blog