The Next Hueco?

posted by dpm on 01/23/2013


Photos and video are slowly trickling onto the web from a trip that Nalle Hukkataival and others took to a "new" bouldering area called Peñoles in Chihuahua, Mexico. The area looks immense and the rock looks very much like the amazing stone of Hueco Tanks, Texas. Could Peñoles be the next Hueco Tanks or Rocklands? That remains to be seen. There are certainly challenges to overcome for future visitors including the remote location, lack of facilities, dangerous drug lords, some poor rock, and the harsh environment. But if it's really as good as it appears...climbers always find a way.

Nalle on the first ascent of Zugzswang (V14), Peñoles, Mexico. Photo: Sandstones Media/Nalle's Facebook

Nalle's trip to Peñoles was well documented by filmmaker Clement Perotti who you might remember from his amazing series of Rocklands videos that he released last summer. As he details in his email below, these videos will be out on the web in the next few weeks through Black Diamond. We'll be sure to post them here.

Nalle on Bimbos and Booze. Peñoles. Photo: Sandstones Media/Nalle's Facebook

From Clement Perotti:

We've just put online a trailer of our trip in Peñoles (Chihuahua state, Mexico) with Nalle Hukkataival. In the next month, we'll release for free through Black Diamond, three short movies relating this amazing trip, showing why this place is so futuristic, and some of Nalle's first ascents.

In two weeks, he opened 6 king lines, all above the 6 meters mark, on bulletproof patina red granite (the rock in Peñoles is either rotten or the best in the world, and there are THOUSANDS of boulders). He didn't gave grades for most of these climbs, but they all are very hard, not contrived, evident and beautiful.

The life in the desert is simple and rough, the locals are very nice but the area is controlled by narco (no problems if you go there to climb, respect the place and the people, and stay far from any drug-related business), and the landscape is stunning, even though every plant or animal aim to kill/cut/irritate/poison you to death.

Enough said, I hope these video will inspire you to go there and get involved in brushing, opening trails, building landings etc...

All the best,

Clement Perotti

Hueco Tanks? Think again. Click the image to watch the trailer for the Peñoles series of videos.


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