News from Santa Linya, Spain

posted by dpm on 12/30/2011


The cave at Santa Linya, Spain has become a proving ground for the world’s strongest climbers.  It’s currently in its prime season and hard routes have been going down almost daily.

Really strong climbers hang out in this really big cave.  Santa Linya, Spain.  Photo: 

Last week, Magnus Midtbø sent F**k the System (5.14d).  Just yesterday he clipped the chains on another hard route, Open Your Mind Direct (5.14d), noting on his blog that it “took me slightly longer than expected.”  According to locals, he also claimed the first onsight of Codigo Norte (5.13d).

Up-climbing reports on the same day that Frenchman Matthieu Bouyoud has done Fabela pa la Enmienda (5.14d).  The route begins with a 30-meter 5.14c then tacks on an additional 20-meter extension, bumping the grade up a notch. 

UKclimbing reports that 38-year-old British climber Gareth Parry has climbed his first 5.14c with Blomu.  Over the past month he was also able to send Rollito Sharma Extension (5.14b), Fabelita (5.14b) and two other 5.14a’s.   

After his second ascent of Pachamama in Oliana, Spain, Japanese World Cup climber Sachi Amma also headed to Santa Linya.  In just two day’s time, he was able to tick off Ingravids Extension (5.14c) second try, a 14a, a 13d onsight and a 13c.

Swedish climber Matlida Söderlund took a short visit and sent Rollito Sharma (5.14a) second try.  According to her scorecard, this was her first of the grade.  She also managed two 5.13d flashes with La Ruta del Sol and the cave's namesake Santa Linya.