New World Order: 2nd Ascent and other 5.14c Sends

posted by dpm on 11/11/2011


Jeremy Zachariash has claimed the second ascent of Jonathan Siegrist’s New World Order (5.14c) at Little Si, Washington.  Jeremy has been killing it recently in the northwest, mostly at Little Si, where he’s been steadily ticking away the hardest routes at the crag.  In just the past month he’s ticked off Pornification and Dr. Evil (both 5.14a), Whore of Babylon, Lost Horizons and Blackest Magic (all 5.14b) and now New World Order (5.14c).  This is Jeremy’s first of the grade and it’s worth noting that he sent his first 5.13a in 2009.  We’ll try to get some more info about this ascent.  Read about Jonathan Siegrist’s first ascent here then watch the video of his first ascent by clicking the image below. 

New World Order (5.14c) at Little Si, Washington.

According to DPM spies stationed at the Red River Gorge, Ben Spannuth was able to fire off the side-by-side 5.14c’s Fifty Words for Pump and Southern Smoke in a single day.  That is some outrageous fitness!  Read a recent DPM Pro-file with Ben here.  Sixteen-year-old Dylan Barks of Ann Arbor, Michigan was also able to send Southern Smoke, completely skipping the 5.14b grade.  His first and only other 5.14 ascent was last spring when he sent Omaha Beach (5.14a), also at the Red River Gorge.  Click the image below for video of Brad Weaver and Joe Kinder working for the first ascent of Southern Smoke.

Southern Smoke (5.14c)  

Mark Anderson, of Corvallis, Oregon, pulled off an impressive ascent of Grand Ol’ Opry at Colorado’s Monastery near Estes Park.  Grand Ol’ Opry was first climbed by Tommy Caldwell in 1999.  For being an outright classic near the climbing hub of Boulder, it has seen very few ascents.  Originally given the grade of 5.14a the route has since been confirmed at closer to 5.14b/c.  Nick Duttle claimed an ascent this past summer which you can read about by clicking the image below. 

Nick Duttle on Grand Ol' Opry.  Photo: Gustavo Moser