MUSIC: Yelawolf

posted by dpm on 04/01/2009

MUSIC: YelaWolf

By Lee Means

Yelawolf aka "Catfish Billy" is a Southern Hip Hop artist who is causing a ruckus in the Atlanta, GA underground music scenes. Haling from Alafugginbama YelaWolf is bringing the flavor of the New South with him. It's about remembering where you come from and where you're going.



He's been skating for over 20 years and ripping the mic for more than 10. The twang and slang of Southern language is emphasized in every song. If you're not into Dirty South style Hip Hop or even Southern Rock, then he's probably not the guy for you. But if you keep it real, have street (be it roads of mud or concrete) influence in your swagger, and appreciate your roots then maybe you'll connect.

Box Chevy Part II ( watch the video below)

Always having a good time and cutting up, YelaWolf's vibe is contagious. Offstage his energy is chill and real-with a PBR in his hand. Onstage he can turn into a modern-day Johnny Cash, "I like PBR and if you don't then fuck you!" Not to make him sound like he is a thug, it's the total opposite; Catfish Billy has no tolerance for that kind of thing. He's a genuine person and a family man. His wife and children are his world, and Hip Hop is his extended family.

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