MUSIC: Wild Sweet Orange

posted by dpm on 10/02/2008

Wild Sweet Orange’s Canvasback Music debut, WE HAVE CAUSE TO BE UNEASY, is a work of exquisite power. Its songs are propelled by edgy emotion and a cathartic yearning for connection. Tracks such as “Ten Dead Dogs” and “Sour Milk” find the Birmingham, Alabama-based rock outfit honing an intimate and individualistic sound that veers unrestrained from aching intimacy to a turbulent, seething intensity. For singer and songwriter Preston Lovinggood, the album’s provocative title serves as both an ideal statement of intent as well as a strong assertion of identity.

“It’s being honest about who we are and where we’ve come from,” Lovinggood explains. “Our generation gets a little looked down upon for asking too many questions or complaining too much, but I think we have the right to ask those questions.

“It’s hopeful and weary at the same time,” he adds. “To be aware of the situation, to understand there is a cause, is a healthy place to be.”

“It’s like we’ve been in the belly of the whale for the past three or four years and now we’ve finally been spit out,” Lovinggood says. “We’re taking all of our experiences and bringing them onstage every night. We’ve put all of ourselves into this record. We’ve given it our all and I think it’s a great picture of our life.”

  • Preston Lovinggood on Vocals & Guitar
  • Chip Kilpatrick on Drums
  • Taylor Shaw on Guitar
  • Garrett Kelly on Bass

Check out their new video for "Ten Dead Dogs"