MUSIC: Trouble Andrew

posted by dpm on 09/28/2008

Self-described as the founder of “crunk rock,” pro snowboarder Trevor Andrew, aka Trouble, aka Billy Lotion, aka Trev Dirt, brings a unique sound to his music with influences from punk, hip-hop, and electronica...

Fueled by a propensity for punk and hip hop, Trevor tore up the snowboarding scene while listening to the screams and beats of Suicidal Tendencies, 3-6 Mafia, Minor Threat, Master P, Ice Cube, and Husker Du. That was until 2004 when a knee injury curbed his career momentarily.

“Looking back, I'm so thankful for that knee injury because it led me to this part of my life. I moved to Philly to stay with my girlfriend Santi White and rehabilitate my knee. At the time, she was fronting a band "Stiffed.” Stiffed got me stoked on punk rock again. Rap represented a lot of the things that punk rock once had for me. At the end of the day, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, SK8, Snowboard, and Surf cultures have a lot in common. We all made something amazing out of what little we had.”

While recovering from his knee injury, Trevor started playing around with an SP1200, mixing the tracks that became the foundation of his debut album. The tracks were eventually passed along to the New York-based production team, Shitake Monkey. Their collaborative efforts created the band Trouble Andrew, with Trevor as the front man. Trouble Andrew’s music has been featured in numerous snowboard flicks, with helpful support from his sponsors. He has been the musical guest at such events as the X-Games, which is apropos, considering Trevor’s seat in shred world.

Today, Trevor is back riding again, tearing the slopes up with mad steez, and an attitude that is all his own. His second album, tentatively called, Stop Me, is next for the artist/snowboarder. He continues to work with other artists when he is not on the slopes, and has produced numerous tracks while collaborating with others. Check out more on Trouble Andrews, including free downloads Push and Hide at

Check out Trevor with Burton/Anolog team members Mads Jonsson, Jeremy Jones and others in the trailer for Burton’s full length movie, It’s Always Snowing Somewhere