MUSIC: Hip-Hop is not Dead

posted by dpm on 09/28/2008

Hip-hop is not dead although white collared radio execs are doing their best to kill it with the Hip-POP, which dominates the radio waves throughout the Midwest all the way to California.

On a recent trip to New York, DPM came across a track that was gritty as f@ck, proving to us Hip-Hop is like a city roach impervious to insecticide. Hip-hop isn’t about to die without a fight.

In the car, the volume cranked, and our heads bounced rhythmically to the heavy bass. The windows were closed, allowing us to drown ourselves in...... a radio song????? WTF!!

Yeah, it was true, but we weren’t listening to Jason Mraz or some other Cracker Jack spoon fed by Delilah or Rick Dees Top 40. This dirty track featured lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and T.I. The song called “S.L.U (Swagger Like Us),” uses sample of a M.I.A track called “Paper Plains,” which offered a foundation for the four rappers to collaborate; each bringing their own unique style on a track which will likely be THE Hip-hop song of ’08. There still isn’t an official music video, but you can hear the track below.