Michael O'Rourke: Nuthin' but Sunshine (V13)

posted by dpm on 09/20/2012


Taking a quick day break from searching for new boulders in the Boulder area, Mike O'Rourke headed up to Lower Chaos Canyon. One goal and one mission, to send Nuthin' but Sunshine. The temperatures started to drop in Colorado and as they did, he started working the problem. This was one of the quicker sends of V13 for Mike. He put a full day in on it with no results, but came back willing to sacrifice another full day on it. On the second day of hiking pads up to Lower Chaos, Mike sent Nuthin but Sunshine (V13) on his second go. Nuthin' but Sunshine is Mike's third V13. Eyes are now set on V14 and the ABS circuit. This send comes just days before Mike heads to Seattle to compete in the Seattle Bouldering Challenge (SBC).

Click the image for video. Photo: peteyphotography.org

Photo, story, video: Peter Erard