Memory is Parallax Sees Two More Ascents

posted by dpm on 02/06/2012

One ascent per week seems to be the trend for Memory is Parallax (V14) which has turned into the most popular winter time V14 in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.  Since Dave Graham snagged the FA just five weeks ago, the problem has seen ascents by Daniel Woods, Matty Hong, and now Carlo Traversi and Paul Robinson.  Matty just posted some footage of his third ascent which can be seen by clicking the image below.



Jackie Hueftle offers the following info about Paul's ascent:

Paul Robinson sent Memory is Parallax on Super Bowl Sunday and made it back to Boulder in time to watch the halftime show. It was Paul's last climbing day before heading back to the East Coast with his girlfriend Alex to prepare for their upcoming trip to Portugal.

For the past several days it has snowed like crazy on the Front Range, and to prepare for his attempt Paul gathered snowshoes, poles, brooms and a shovel. When he arrived in Estes Park, Paul found that the storm seems to have only dusted the mountains and there was just a small amount of snow on the bottom of the sunny hillside. When he walked up the hill he found that the boulders were nearly clean and dry, and he quickly finished off the problem that he was denied a few days earlier by a badly split fingertip that bled enough to cause him to slip off the problem's finish. This is the problem's 5th ascent.