Markus Bock Pulls Down Frankenjura’s Hardest:

posted by dpm on 10/15/2009


Markus Bock goes to Hell and back for his FA.

Sometimes the ability to endure great amounts of pain is the key for sending.  Markus's Bock's latest send does not shy to far from this truth.  Markus has been known for putting up powerful lines with cruxes involving intense finger strength on shallow pockets.  Having already sent many of the areas hardest lines including Action Direct 5.14d, Markus recently eyed an undone direct start to Kawaschuwu 8c+. The crux to the linkup involved a hard stab out left to a shallow pocket that barely accept two fingertips. 

Markus had previously tried the line but this year he found success and dubbed it The Man That Follows Hell and gave it the grade of 9a+ or 5.15a, comparing the experience to Action Direct.  Markus has already red-pointed 8+ 9a routes and he continues to open up new lines and demolish old projects.  After clipping the anchors of his most recent send Marcus remarked that this send was one of the happiest moments of his climbing career.


Photos by Ricarda Miller