Manslaughter Charges Filed after Tito's Accident

posted by dpm on 08/25/2013


According to the Italian news source La Repubblica Torina, manslaughter charges have been filed after investigation into the accidental death of Tito Traversa. On July 5, the 12-year-old Italian climber died after falling approximately 40 meters from the anchors of a climbing route in Orpierre, France. Initial investigations by French authorities revealed that his quick draws were improperly assembled with the carabiners attached to the webbing by only a small rubber keeper intended to hold the carabiner in position, not bear weight.

La Republicca Torina reported on August 21 that the public prosecutor of Turin, Raffaele Guariniello, opened a case against "unknown" after a complaint filed by Tito's father. Today, the same news source reports that Guariniello has communicated with the French police that investigated the case who have confirmed that eight out of ten of Tito's quick draws were improperly assembled. After reviewing the case and interviewing witnesses, the public prosecutor has filed manslaughter charges against five people.

The owner of the company that produced the rubber keeper is charged for not including proper instructions for assembly in the packaging. The name of the company, based in Lombardy, Italy, was not included in La Repubblica's report. The owner of the gear shop that sold the rubber keepers is charged, though the Google translation of this Italian article provides an unclear cause. Either they were required by law to provide guidance in assemblage or they were required to ensure that the product came with adequate instructions for assembly. The manager of the club that organized the trip and two instructors that were on site are charged for failing to control the correct assembly of the equipment. A sixth person, a relative of the girl that lent the equipment to Tito, is still under investigation but not currently charged.

Source: La Repubblica Torino

Tito Traversa climbing Criptonite (8b/5.13d).